Do you only sell orange scarves?

May 18, 2015

One of the most frequent questions I am asked when I am selling scarves is "Do you only sell orange scarves?", followed quickly by "how did you come up with the name Orange Scarf? It must seem a little funny that someone would sell only orange scarves! In fact, I admit it, orange is not one of my favorite colors.

I love scarves! Orange Scarf is a reflection of my love of scarves. All kinds of scarves - colors, fabrics, patterns, sizes and textures worn in all kinds of knots, swoops, loops and drapes. And that's what you'll find at Orange Scarf, orange scarves and many others.

The name "Orange Scarf" all started with my Dad.

When asked by any of his five daughters "how do I look?", he would always reply "all that outfit needs is a nice orange scarf". He had no fashion sense, but always had a keen sense of tact and diplomacy. When it came time to name my new company, it was the obvious choice! Acquiring the domain took some doing (I actually had to negotiate a purchase!), but it all worked out and Orange Scarf was born.


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